Chambers Family Heritage: Citation Standards and Acknowledgements

Citations follow the National Genealogic Society Standards, except that uncited items may be presumed to have come from the LDS Family History and Genealogy Database. Where possible, original documents, monuments, headstones, and historical literature have been consulted to verify the accuracy of information on this site. Photo sources have been annotated with the provider's name and the photographer, if known. Original transcripts have been attributed to their authors, and where this attribution is missing, it may be presumed to have come from those assembling this site.

Grateful acknowledgement is extended to the following for photographs, source material, and their time during endless interviews.:

I extend a special thanks and acknowledgement for the extensive and well-documented information provided on the Whitehouse branch of the family by Susie Martin-Rott []. In addition, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee, the West-Murley Funeral Home of Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee, and the Scott County Historical Society Archives of Huntsville, Tennessee were of invaluable assistance in locating Chambers graves.

Finally, our family extends its thanks to Jennifer Marcum for the technical assistance needed to get this web site up and running and to Keith Keller and his company, American Computer Consulting, Inc., for providing web space essentially at cost and without the bandwidth limitations imposed by other ISPs.

-- Terry J. Stone, Site Custodian and Webmaster


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