Chambers Family Heritage

This web site is dedicated to all the family descendants and ancestors of those born or married into the Chambers and all the numerous other families and many clans who lent their names to this fine gathering of ancestors and descendants. Over 21,000 individual names, over 7,000 surnames and thousands of photographs and documents are included. Some lines have been traced back to the 12th century -- the time of the Crusades -- and some even further nearly to the time of Christ.

This is (and always will be) a work in progress. I hope that any family members or friends who view the site and can offer corrections or data which is missing will not hesitate to e-mail, snail mail, or call the web master (see below). We appreciate pictures, too, but please, don't send originals. Get good copies made or contact the web master so he, perhaps, can come to you with a scanner. The risk of loss during shipping is too great.

Donations are appreciated, too, since this site is funded entirely by volunteers. This is your web site, and is put in place to honor our great family. Please let us know what you know!

All information is documented in some fashion, and where possible, citations as to source are included in each entry, available simply by clicking anywhere you see a super-scripted number. We hope, therefore, this makes our web site a valuable genealogical research tool. If you have geneaology software, you can download the data in this web site by clicking the Download Gedcom file link below and using your software's "Import" function.

One last thing . . . If you are still among the living, only your name appears in the web site, and nothing personal about you. This is for your protection. If, perchance, you don't want your name appearing on the site for whatever reason, please contact us and we will replace it only with the word "Living", no questions asked.

To get started, click below on "Surname List", and pick from among the hundreds of family last names displayed as a beginning point. This will take you to an alpabetical listing. Scroll down until you see the person for whom you are looking and click on the name. Many entries have a "Scrapbook" link next to the primary person in the mini-biography. Click this link to view photos and drawings. If you simply want to browse the database starting at person number 1, click the "Selected Families/Individuals" below. Now, sit back, relax, and take a tour . . . of YOUR heritage!

Recently Joined In Marriage

LAWREN CHRISTOPHER STONE of Long Beach, California, and ANNA JULIA DUENHAS of São Paulo, Brazil, on 14 October 2008 in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

CHRISTOPHER COLLIN STONE and CAROLYN MAE PROEBSTEL, both of Boardman, Morrow County, Oregon, on 18 February 2009 in Boardman, Morrow County, Oregon, U.S.A.

JASON MICHAEL LANKFORD and APRIL LYNN HARDY, both of Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan, on 24 April 2010 in Charlevoix, Charlevoix County, Michigan, U.S.A.

JOSHUA MARK POWDRELL of New Zealand and CARA ANNE HOLCOMBE, of Queensland, Australia, on 13 March 2010 in Queensland, Australia

New Arrivals

RYLEE JAMES STONE-EVERHART, daughter, born 22 January 2009 to Tyler Stone and Samantha Everhart in Richland, Benton County, Washington, U.S.A.

KIRRA GRACE BOWE, daughter, born 5 August 2009 to Morgan K. and Kandice Ann Stone Bowe in John Day, Grant County, Oregon, U.S.A.

KARLEY MARIE RATZ, daughter, born 22 November 2009 to John Karl and Christina Marie Ratz in Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan, U.S.A.

AVA LYNN BERNADETTE LANKFORD, daughter, born 11 February 2011 to Jason Michael and April Lynn Hardy in Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan, U.S.A.

In Memoriam

HAROLD HARDY, Detroit, Michigan, 1928 - 1 October 2008

CRESTON ARNSPIGER, Lovington, New Mexico, 1973 - 8 November 2008 and CRESTON BLAIR ARNSPIGER, Lovington, New Mexico, 1997 - 8 November 2008, Father and Son

EARL HENNING, Alanson, Michigan, 1920 - 21 November 2008

JAMES ROBERT WATSON, Prescott, Arizona, 1948 - 26 November 2008

HAROLD GUY HUNT, Birmingham, Alabama, 1933 - 30 January 2009. Former two-term governor of Alabama from 1987 to 1993 and the first Republican to serve as governor in Alabama since Reconstruction.

FAYE RAMONA BREHM WATTS, Odessa, Missouri, 1933 - 5 May 2009

THOMAS JOSEPH "Joe" HOLCOMBE, Joppa, Cullman County, Alabama, 1932 - 17 November 2009

ERNEST ALBERT "Andy" HARDY, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, 1925 - 27 February 2010

NELLIE ELDA HARP WONG, Pasco, Franklin County, Washington, 1912 - 19 March 2011 (age 98)

OLLIE VIOLA SMITH GARNER, Columbiana, Shelby County, Alabama, 1914 - 5 June 2011 (age 96)

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